Getting the Business & Marketing Strategy
This session will help you further develop a connection with new and
existing customers, and inform you of mistakes to avoid. We will work on
developing a base marketing strategy and how to correctly conduct
Knowing Your Product/Service & Marketing Well
We will help you identify and answer questions you need to be able to
answer about your services and products to make the sale and keep the
customer returning. We will also discuss what you will need in your
marketing arsenal.
Social Networking & Utilizing Media
Social Networking online has become a widely used tool for many
businesses. We will discuss some of the major social networking sights
and how to utilize them effectively. We will also discuss how to use other
media to your advantage as well.
Sessions can be tailored and
presented upon request for local
associations, businesses and
individuals! Call Jessica at
704-746-7248 to discuss
availability and cost.
Jessica Keyes
Your One Stop Marketing Professional