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Branding Your Business

The Basics of Branding Your Business

A clear understanding and procedure of branding your business is just as important to your advertising efforts based on products. When you’re branding your business, the focus needs to be more on special services that you provide and not based on just product sold.

I have seen many a company that does not have a clear understanding of what the differences between products that they’re trying to sell and their unique types of service are. It’s easy to have a great sale of products for a one-time profit, but  well-placed branding places distinction on your business and makes it stand out as unique on a more permanent scale. Creating a brand, is more than making yourself identifiable to the business community, it helps people identify YOU when you walk in the room.

The first year I started  Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire I started immediate self branding using a bull’s eye as part of my company logo. Nine years later my business colleagues still identify me immediately when they see the logo. Having a good virtual presence as well as an on-site presence allows you to set a precedent with colleagues  when you walk into a room. It’s very rare that I walk into a room and not have somebody recognize myself or my business.

**Just make sure when used start the branding process that you use the correct direction, otherwise you will not be successful in the branding process and potential clients won’t understand what you’re trying to do. YOU are the goal of developing the brand and re-branding can be difficult if necessary.