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Let’s Start a New Newsletter!

Why may your company need a newsletter? Do you have new products or services that need to be promoted, or invaluable information your customers may need? Outside of recalls or product/service your business need to limit the lack of communication and replace it with continuous customer interaction. Every attempt your business gets to interact prospectively with your clientele can mean another business deal to get the business to the next level.

The format of your newsletter needs to be reflective of not only your product/services, how they can be utilized to better service the clientele. It needs to be easy to read and comprehensive. Your prospective audience may have a short attention span, or amount of time. Keep the format consistent as well. Have fun with it!

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May your marketing and advertising be productive!

Jessica Keyes, Owner and Marketing Support


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What is in YOUR Bag?

If you are a leader who has been put through a test of ingenuity and strength…what is in your bag? As a leader you are continually  tested by your clients, employees and service vendors. Those tests make you reach in your bag of magic tricks and pull out nuggets others did not expect. Now that you are focused on your bag…what is in it? How have you persevered?

Employee/Customer Relations

The most complicated relationships in life exist in the relationship with employees and customers  alike. Both have the same potential abilities to be successful as they do explosive. “Successful” is the preferred way leaders want things to turn. The more successful, the less you have to open the bag. If you are in a leadership position take mind of steps and actions to have most comingle successfully. Reach into that bag if necessary.


The type of services and products you provide will not be ideal for everyone. There is a dramatically small percentage of the population you can impact in extensive levels. Depending on the requirement of individual or group needs the variety of what you will need to provide will change dramatically. It also depends on the usefulness of your services or products toward men, women and animals. Reaching into your bag or bags at this point will prompt you to better identify potential steps to increase the size and growth of your business.


The main role of the Marketing Plan is to help brand the company and its general products and services. The Marketing Plan is a specialized and uniquely formulated way to help you and your product shine. It can be viewed as a stand alone Marketing Plan or combined with an Advertising Plan. Either way it has to be consistent with your products and services. What is in your marketing bag?


The main role of the Advertising Plan is to publicize and interest its prospective clients. It needs to exemplify and share your unique products and services.              Reach in your local and national advertising bag to look for the most appropriate places to advertise. Utilize them and your venders for the best Advertising Plan success you can pull out of your bag!


In business there is a direct correlation of finance and success. Finding your financier translates into bridging the gap to pursuit of your product(s) and service(s). In your bag access to your approach on the Marketing and Advertising Plan need to intersect with the service(s) and product(s) on a financial and creative database.

If you have been in the place where you are lift holding the bag, assisted in holding the bag or witnessed those who were (and I guarantee you have been one of each at some time of your life) find a place it it to