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Administrative Tasking 101

You have a career or profession for reason. Part of that reason is because you love what you’re doing, or that is just the skill that you discovered in life… and your good at. But do you have like every aspect of your career? Are there some tasks that you don’t enjoy… but are an everyday hazard to your total creativity? This is where Administrative Tasking 101 comes into play.

Everyone has a task that they don’t enjoy. Perhaps it is writing those first couple of emails or sending  receipts to their clients. Whatever it is, it is important to have someone handle those tasks that will make it easier on you as an entrepreneur and in your career so you can open your mind to other creative uses of your time and reach another level of success.

Initially you need to make sure at the person/people who handle the necessary administrative tasking are qualified to handle your goals and objectives effectively. You need to pave the road for those handling your administrative tasks. Ask yourself these questions:

What task do I have to handle daily that I do not enjoy?

What tasks take away from my creativity and free time that I can trust to others?

By opening your mind to better uses of your skills, you may even discover new ones, or think of other creative ideas that you would not have thought up otherwise. Sometimes having a little free time to yourself will just help keep you sane. A clean desk does not mean that you are not working hard enough, it means that you are well portioning out the daily tasks well.

Make sure to communicate with the people who are you helping you with the tasking. As well as they may be at doing the work needed, doesn’t mean it won’t get done to your specifications without explanation. Think of yourself as that person and ask how you would explain it to them. Good communicating, as well as timely communicating means you are in track to a less stressful career.