Do I Need to Update My Website…Half the Year Is Gone!

Too update or not too update my website…that is the Question!?  It is the usual thought business owners have the first month of the year and revisit mid-year if you no results from your marketing plan activities. Consistent updates on your product/services, staff and business specials are important to keeping your customers returning. The right marketing development team can make it work for you.

Who do you need to help you and your business? Either the help of a loyal and valuable employee(s) or a company who provides marketing services is a great source for keeping the WEBSIE DYNAMIC. Make sure you check with their credentials and that they can do effectively what needs to be done.

New additions other then updates to products, services and profiles may be needed. Have you added any customer testimonials this year? Perhaps a new page featuring your customers input are needed. Whatever the new feature is, you need it to be purposeful and direct to your prospective audience. Start a list of what improvements you want to focus on before you ENGAGE your SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Whichever methods you use to update your website start prepping. What content you need to put together you may want to get started if you haven’t already. It is never too late to get started, but the effectiveness of what you are trying to do do can be diminished the longer you wait. Competition may be fierce but you can be fiercer!

May your marketing and advertising be productive!

Jessica Keyes, Owner and Marketing Support


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