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Why Do We Advertise?

Advertising versus branding is always a question. When you advertise, the focus is on showing the product or service. Branding is a focus on helping solidify client knowledge of the company and what they can provide. It is not focused on a specific product. You want to advertise your product or service…where do you start?

Product or Service Advertising Dos’

  • Keep the message consistent in wording and colors.
  • Have a good product/service tag line that is catchy!
  • Advertise the product/service in publications that correlate with what your company provides.
  • Make sure your Marketing Plan incorporates advertising needs in its budget.
  • Have a direct contact clearly noted in advertisements of the product/service.
  • Double check each post or ad for misspelling and needed photo copywrites.
  • Make sure all media socially posted is company approved.

Product or Service Questions to Ask

  • Does my advertisement focus on specifics about what makes my product/service unique?
  • Can my contact for the company respond to clients in a 24 hour to 48 hour time frame?
  • Did I consult my Marketing Plan and make sure the budget is updated?
  • Is there another publication my company can benefit from that it is not advertising in?

Now that the advertising part of you is more focused, apply it to your current advertising and make the changes you may need to make. Good advertising is a main drive in selling product/services, and one half of what goes with proper branding.