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Business Card Revival

Business Card Revival

How long has it been since you have updated your business card? Does it reflect what you are currently offering as services and/or products? Having an up to date business card is sometimes one of the first marketing items you may present to clients.

Using the Back and Front of the Card?

Are you using both the back and front of the card? Some businesses that are entrepreneurial can do what they want on it, others that have criteria for cards to meet that are only supposed to be one sided or used for just one business make sure you adhere as required. A suggestion is to have one of the sides non-glossy so you can us it for writing as needed. Use it as a place to write an appointment date or another phone number people can contact you. Make it useful. Some people prefer listing there services as well.

What Contact Information Does It Contain?

It’s important your contact information is updated and pertinent  to the business. One one of the first mistakes I see contacts do is leave a crossed of email address and say it was updated but you wanted to finish using the cards. Throw them away  and create new ones as part of your marketing plan!

Picture or No Picture?

Depending on your business a picture of yourself on the card can be helpful so people can recognize you at a networking meeting. Make sure it is as current as it gets and reflects what you currently look like down to your hair and weight. Their is no way to skew your clients if a handshake is in your future!

Don’t Overfill the Business Card With Too Much Information

Make sure to only include the pertinent information and let the printed writing have enough space to be easily seen by the receiver. Make sure the colors are not hard too see. In a business card that is too colorful or too lite the room lighting can cause a a number of issues as well.

Have fun creating one of the most important marketing tools you have. When you first meet a client it may be the only calling card you leave them with.