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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an answer for the modern business professional. Whether you are searching for help on a part-time or project basis your needs can be met with right person. Whether working as part of a team or individually a VA can be a valuable resource.

What Can a VA Do for You?

Everything from administrative tasks, marketing presentations/materials, research projects and more can be done. The purpose of have a VA is to free up your time to get done what needs done and you can focus on what is most enjoyable about your profession. Too many professionals get caught up in detail that could easily be handled by an assistant. The outside perspective can also help you find solutions where you don’t see any.

What to Look for In a Virtual Assistant

Before you hire a VA make sure to check their credentials and qualifications. References are always a good idea to make sure they can accomplish what is required. If there is a sample of their work make sure to take the time to review. Not only do they represent you and what you do, but may end up having to talk to your clientele.

How to Contract

I always believe a clear and concise contract is a guaranteed way to make sure the project tasks and goals are completed, especially if it is one time specialty project. If working with someone consistently make sure to set up a system of checks and balances. How will they track their time? I usually suggest a Contract Agreement, Disclosure Agreement and a specified Statement of Work.